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Cord Blood Expansion Technology May Help Patients With Blood Cancers Like Leukaemia

There have been some exciting developments in a clinical trial investigating expanded cord blood for the treatment of blood cancers including leukemia.

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BREAKING NEWS: Placental stem cell research into stroke therapy takes promising step forward

Australian pre-clinical research has established through trials on mice that systematic administration of placental stem cells, after ischaemic stroke, stimulates significant neuroprotection and facilitates brain recovery and repair.

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Breakthrough cord blood therapy for children with neurological disorders

Children with various brain disorders who have their own or a sibling’s cord blood stored in a family bank may now be able to receive cord blood therapy regardless of whether they qualify for a targeted clinical trial...

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Children with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Receive Cord Blood

This collaborative cord blood stem cell research will assist the determination of the safety and feasibility of injections of autologous umbilical cord blood stem cells into the right ventricle of children with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome ...

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Autism research – cord blood stem cells

Promising autism research using cord blood and cord tissue

Autism research using cord blood has been advanced in recent times by studies at Duke University, North Carolina and Shandong Jiaotong Hospital, China. With over 1 in 100 children in Australia diagnosed with autism...

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Advances in cord blood expansion technologies

Cord blood expansion focuses on the ability to expand the number of cells derived from a cord blood collection. An expanded cord blood unit can further boost utility in both current and future medical uses...

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Choosing Between Cord Blood Donation & Family Cord Banking

Prior to your child’s birth, there are a number of important decisions to make, including choosing what to do with their cord blood. There are essentially two stem cell storage options available to expectant parents…

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New Cord Blood Research Shows Improvements in Cerebral Palsy

A Duke University clinical trial has found the use of umbilical cord blood stem cells increases motor function and brain connectivity in children with cerebral palsy (CP).

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30 Years of Cord Blood Stem Cell Treatments

October 2018 marked 30 years since Matthew Farrow, a 5-year old boy with Fanconi anemia received treatment using his newborn sister’s umbilical cord blood in the world’s first cord blood transplant. Since then, cord blood stem cells have been used…

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Cell Care joins with Insception Biosciences Inc. to Establish Global Platform.

Cell Care, Australia’s largest cord blood & tissue bank has announced it has acquired Insception Lifebank, Canada’s largest private cord blood & tissue bank. The combined entity creates one of the world’s top 10 companies in the sector. 

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