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1. Choose Cord Blood or Cord Blood + Tissue

Cord Blood OR Cord Blood and Tissue

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$150 deposit at enrolment, plus:

Cord Blood


12 monthly payments of
Total cost
$2,345 over 12 months


One Payment  $1,950
(incl. deposit) + $210 per annum

PREPAID STORAGE PLANS: If you would like to buy the prepaid storage plans, please click here.

ANNUAL STORAGE PLANS: The balance of the initial payment is due 2 weeks following birth. Monthly payment plans commence 2 weeks following birth. Annual storage fees begin 3 months after birth, and are payable for as long as you want, without commitment and are adjusted annually in line with CPI. Prices are exclusive of any discounts or additional collector fees, discounts are deducted from the collection and processing fee.

CELL CARE COLLECTOR CHARGES: $325 for cord blood and $380 for cord blood and tissue collection.