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Cell Care Product Commitment

Cell Care offers you a $40,000 product commitment on your cord blood and tissue storage.

Product Commitment

Cell Care aims to provide the highest level of service and innovation in the cord blood banking industry in Australia. The Cell Care Product Commitment is the latest innovation we are offering expectant parents. With our commitment, subject to terms and conditions1, if your baby's umbilical cord blood or tissue is released for an approved therapeutic use and post thaw falls outside of our viability parameters, Cell Care will:

  • refund all Cell Care fees you have incurred &
  • pay you $40,000

to ensure you and your family have funds available for alternative therapeutic avenues.

While there can be no guarantees in health care, Cell Care is the only Australian cord blood bank standing behind the services we offer with such a comprehensive commitment to quality.

1. The Cell Care Product Commitment is offered to all clients who store their cord blood and/or tissue from September 7th, 2015 (regardless of enrolment date). For more information and terms and conditions please view our Cell Care banking and client agreement.