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research-and-trials.jpegCell Care Research and Trials

Cell Care is committed to the ongoing development of stem cell therapy science and research and is the only cord blood and tissue bank in Australia supporting cell therapy clinical trials.

Study of Sibling Cord Blood Cell Infusion to Children with Cerebral Palsy

Australia’s first clinical trial of stem cell infusion from cord blood as a possible treatment for cerebral palsy (CP) is currently recruiting in Melbourne. The study, led by the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI) and taking place at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, is the first step in a promising process that aims to find out whether sibling cord blood infusion is both safe and efficacious for children with the condition.

The study, funded by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation and Cell Care, is currently recruiting children with CP and aged 1 to 16 years who have the cord blood of a sibling stored in one of Australia’s private family cord blood banks.

The study has been approved by the The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee and is listed on the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trial Register.

For more information about the study contact the study coordinator at MCRI:
Phone: (03) 9936 6756

Cell Care recently established a free cord blood collection storage program for families who have children with CP. If you have a child with CP and are currently pregnant, please contact Cell Care via email: or call 1800 071 075.

Cord Reinfusion in Diabetes (CORD) Pilot Study

Cell Care is partnering with The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, New South Wales, in a world–first study investigating the potential of cord blood to prevent or delay the onset of type 1 diabetes (T1D) in children at high risk of developing the disease.

The CORD study is currently recruiting children between 1 and 14 years of age who are at high risk of developing T1D – where a parent, sibling or other close family members (1st or 2nd degree relatives) have T1D. The study is available to families who have stored cord blood or who are currently expecting a baby and planning cord blood storage.

If you have a family history of Type 1 diabetes and are expecting a child, you can request your cord blood and tissue information pack here.

For more information about the CORD study contact the CORD Study coordinator/nurse at The Children's Hospital Westmead;
Phone: (02) 9845 3770

The CORD study has been approved by the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network Human Research Ethics Committee and is listed on the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trial Register.


Brain injury and cerebral palsy

Cell Care supports research at the Monash Institute of Medical Research - Ritchie Centre, where scientists are investigating the underlying causes of newborn brain injury – which predominantly occurs either during pregnancy or at the time of birth. Their aim is to develop safe and effective therapies to prevent or repair brain injury, thereby reducing the incidence of cerebral palsy.

Read more about the Cell Care Senior Research Fellowship at The Ritchie Centre.